Feel Your Feet on The Ground

Planning weddings, not to mention being the center of attention, can be very un-grounding. Yoga, or any practice that brings you back into your body, is inherently grounding. One simple way to ground yourself is to stand barefoot (outside preferably, but if you are on the carpet in your hotel room, you can do it there too!). Stand with your feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent and send the weight of your body down towards the earth. Feel the surface of the ground against your feet. Firmly plant the big toe mound, the little toe mound, the inner heel and the outer heel on the earth.Then find your breath. Breathe into your belly and down into the earth. Stay out of your head.

Before you put on your fancy high-heeled shoes or your comfy cowboy boots, take time to be present in your body. In this precious moment. Now!

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