Food is a very simple way to ground yourself for your big day and one that many brides neglect. Eat! After a moment to pause and be present (and hopefully stay present all day), be sure to have plenty of your favorite snacks available. Hopefully, you have decided on all of your favorite foods to eat at your reception! However, since most weddings start in the afternoon or evening, make sure to make a plan to eat. Ideally, you eat a substantial breakfast between 7am – 9am.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is the stomach meridian peak energy time, so this is the time when the stomach functions at it’s optimum level. We have all been told that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” There is ancient wisdom to back this up.


Food, like Yoga, is inherently grounding because it brings you into your body. Some foods are more grounding than others, however. Foods that are particularly grounding are nuts & seeds, which include nut butters & seed butters. Indulge in nut butters and seeds in smoothies. If you have some time, Herbalist Brigitte Mars, has a great recipe in her book, Rawsome, for Vegan Energy Balls. These are great truffles made with nuts, dates, cacao, vanilla, coconut oil and salt. You can snack on these delicious treasures throughout the day and they will not spike your blood sugar and cause you to come crashing down.


Root vegetables, like potatoes, sweet potatoes,  and autumn squash are also very grounding. A cast-iron skillet filled with roasted root vegetables, olive oil and your favorite herbs and spices would be fantastic, especially in the cooler months.


If you are not vegetarian, boiled eggs are an easy grounding food to eat for breakfast or throughout the day for a good source of fat and protein to sustain you until you say, “I do”. Give your body the nourishment it needs so you can dance the night away and have the energy you need to celebrate fully one of the most joyful days of your lives.


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