As we close out our first “official” year in business, and give thanks for all that we have experienced, learned and accomplished, we are taking stock of what works and what does not serve us. We just held our first Quarterly Retreat, in which we discussed some of the aspects of the Air Element. One aspect is its connection to this time of year when the natural environment is closing down, drying up, and turning inwards for the long Winter’s rest.  All of the natural world is taking stock.

In a couple of weeks, we are then asked to confirm our findings and make “New Year’s Resolutions” based on our latest discoveries and let go of what is no longer useful. If you observe yourself, your friends and family, and the natural world, you can see this evolution in action. Everyone is deciding what to keep and where to let go. What will you keep with you from this year and take into the next year?

There is a fine line, however, between deciding what is of quality and worth holding on to and what is “perfect”. One can show an imbalance in the Air element, by constantly striving for perfection. This constant striving for perfection can actually be covering up a sense of low self-worth, that somehow if we surround ourselves with things of importance, that we will become important and “valuable”.  It is a fascinating anthropological study, particularly this time of year, when consumerism is at it’s peak. Notice feelings in yourself of self-worth around what you can afford to “give” to someone.

Many of us are so far from the roots of the holiday season, which is about giving, miracles and celebrating the return of the light. It is not about giving in the material sense, but about giving of yourself, something so much more valuable than a sweater from wherever.

We encourage you to take some time to give of yourself this holiday season. Ask yourself, “Who is truly in need?” and “How can I be helpful?” Notice what changes in you when you do this. How does thinking of others and offering help make you feel? Spiritual wisdom traditions have always taught us that selfless service is a way out of ourselves. So what are you willing to give this holiday season?

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