I am pleased to share the second piece in a small series of pieces written for Catalyst Wedding Co., exploring how mindfulness practices can support greater presence and peace on your wedding day. Below is an excerpt from this piece, Everything Else Can Wait Except for Love:

“There is a Zen teaching that goes “when you have only a little time, meditate for 10 minutes. And if you have no time at all, then meditate for 20.” This teaching acknowledges that a sense of not having enough time is not an objective law, but rather a subjective experience, one that we can change.

Taking time for meditation is difficult, especially when we don’t feel like we have any time in the first place. Yet it is that very sense of time-deprivation that we stand to change by slowing down and making space.”

As we continue to move further into a new year, bustling with visions and goals, can we catch ourselves in the loop of thought that insists we have no time for all of it? How is your yoga practice a support for extending your sense of space in your body, peace in your mind, and time in your day?

Here’s to taking time to make time, and allowing more room in our lives for what makes our hearts sing.




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