Our gorgeous, centrally located retreat space, just five minutes west of the Boars Head Inn, is a place of healing and refuge.

The Space

Environmentally constructed and artistically designed, the building is maintained with great love not only for the space itself but for the surrounding meadow, pond and forest.

Sprung floors, 20 ft high ceilings, exposed beams, and Blue Ridge Mountain views often give those who spend time in the space a deep and felt sense of release. Spending time here is a gift in its own right, and a perfect gift for those joining your yoga retreat.

Since the space is located in a private residential area, once you have connected with us and begun making plans for your retreat, we will be happy to give you directions and invite you to come see the space.

Alternately, if you already have a space for a private group Yoga class and you would like us to travel to you, we will be able to provide our central offerings of two hours of time, along with tea, yoga props and flowers.